“Slow” is good

Work is actually becoming a little more pleasant as Christmas approaches.  Our pace slows some, which is a welcome relief after the past few “hair-on-fire” months.

We’ve been watching some of the Travel Channel shows about Italy, and as K has tomorrow off of work she’s going to practice some of her Italian.  No, not her Italian language skills *chuckle*, but her desire to imitate their “sweetness of doing nothing” lifestyle.  No shopping, no chores, no cleaning.  Just an agenda of…doing nothing.  She deserves it.  I’ll get my turn later.  (Retirement grows closer by the day!)

Tomorrow night is K’s company Christmas party.  It’s actually a fun party, with a good band, multiple excellent buffets, a casino, and prizes.  LOTS and lots of BIG prizes.  Like HUGE big screen TV’s, major appliances, ca$h, and many smaller (but still much appreciated) door prizes.  Wish us luck!

Hope y’all have a fun Friday, or better yet, can make it a 3-day weekend like K.



~ by lowandslow1 on December 16, 2010.

2 Responses to ““Slow” is good”

  1. I could use a bunch of doing nothing from time to time…Enjoy the Christmas party. I often wonder what a warm summer Christmas would be like.


  2. Whoops I thought I was posting to maggs site. Good grief I am an idiot…Bleargh!!!

    Merry Christmas Buddy…


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