Our wake has been postponed

It was a memorable anniversary evening we had.  K got home from work saying she didn’t feel well, and spent the rest of the evening in the bathroom with an intestinal virus.  In ALL it’s gory glory.  I tried to be a good “Lawrence Nightingale” and take care of her, but by 11 PM I was in the other bathroom doing the same thing.

Except for a kidney stone and the time I had my (adult) tonsils removed, I don’t think I’ve ever hurt more.  K said the same.  We both missed work Tuesday and today, but I seem to have bounced back faster than K.  Our biggest dilemma on Tuesday was who could stay out of the bathroom long enough to walk the dog.  And speaking of poor Emma Belle, she spent the first night going from the den chair where I was sleeping sitting up over to the couch where K was trying to relax. She knew we were both in trouble and wanted to help.  Man’s best friend indeed.  It was very touching.

But, alas, we survived.  I’ve put away the bottle of single malt scotch I had set aside for my/our wake.  The Good Lord apparently wants us to stick around a while longer.  Who are we to argue?


PS….daytime TV sucks


~ by lowandslow1 on December 15, 2010.

One Response to “Our wake has been postponed”

  1. It certainly is an graphic example of “’til death do us part”.

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