Exactly four years ago…

….my wonderful lover/best friend K and I were enjoying the beautiful scenery of California’s Monterrey peninsula.  The purpose of our journey to The Granola State wasn’t just to see the sun setting on the Pacific horizon, or to drive down the scenic Pacific Coast Highway, or even to take in the eccentricities of quaint Carmel By The Sea, California.  No, we were there to get married on the 14th of December.  Why Carmel?  Why not?  It was just the two of us (and the preacher, of course).  No big hoopla, all very low-key.  Like us.

Our temporary home there was the Tickle Pink Inn.  (Don’t laugh…it’s a REAL place, and it was FANTASTIC.  Look it up!)  Our balcony was high up on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  We cracked our window at night just to hear the surf crashing on the rocks below.  Breakfast was via room service, and we set aside a few minutes in the evening to have wine and cheese and conversation with our fellow guests in one of the lounges.  Several restaurants were within walking distance, but we rather enjoyed the drive a few miles back in to the heart of Carmel where we ate, walked down Main Street, and enjoyed the uniqueness of it all. During the day we took short trips to San Simeon, Big Sur, and Pebble Beach.  It was wonderful.

It’s only gotten better since.



~ by lowandslow1 on December 13, 2010.

5 Responses to “Exactly four years ago…”

  1. Congratulations. I am delighted for you both and am glad you have such a wondrous partnership. it gives me hope.

  2. I remember when you guys surprised us all with the news. congrats to both of you!

  3. You know this is a fantastic read. I am happy for the both of you.

    Cheers and Congrats!

    I have never seen that part of the country by the way.


  4. I remember that! Like westy said, it was a real surprise

  5. Thanks everyone. It’s been a wonderful 4 years.


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